Who's "hot" stock tip should you be taking notice of?

It does seem that everybody and his dog is now a stock trader - and if you are not yet - then you are likely to have many people around you persuading you in very unsubtle ways - maybe by just happening to mention that they recently doubled their money on some stock or other - oh and by the way here is the next one.

Plenty of people seem to magically appear and offer all kinds of tips and and other reasons to buy. Bulletin boards, internet chat rooms, newspapers and TV programs, even friends and work colleagues. Yet you might, once you have bought a stock, find them disappear just as quickly, leaving you with an eerie feeling of uncertainty. So who should you listen to? The best person to have faith in is ... yourself!

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The Complete Guide to Profiting From The World's Stock Markets is a substantial Guide that shows you how to make real money by buying and selling in a cool and controlled manner, including: The must-have pre-trade checklist, detecting adverse volume conditions, short-term targeted trades, top and bottom techniques, how and when to take profits, and how not to get 'stuck' with stocks. Plus.. when to sell (and why no one is willing to tell you), how to cut losses without a second thought and how to quickly build confidence in your trading ability. Click here to read more...

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